Monday, August 24, 2009

Flowers and Insects: my new Crafty Cabinet

I made this using a Cabinet kit from Bi-Mart, some art paper, and some spray adhesive. Totally cost: $52. It has four shelves inside to keep my mosiac, fabric, and other art supplies. It's a little busy, but really brightens up my studio space. Still want to put on new handles--hoping to find either insect of flower handles.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm back!

After being away for months from my blog, I'm back with a emphasis on arts, crafts, sewing, books, and cooking.

First a poll:

what is your most recent creation? a cabinet I assembled and then papered. I will show you how on this website soon!
what is your proudest creation? I was really proud of the quilted bag I made in high school but more recently I was proud of a mosaic mirror
what kind of crafts do you most enjoy? mosaics, mixed media, collage, sewing, print making, assemblage
what crafts do you find most frustrating? pottery making, sewing
do you like to follow a plan or invent as you go? I make plans and follow them sometimes but other times as I'm creating the design morphs into something else
what do you like to cook or do you like to cook? I like to cook all-in-one dishes like stir fries and casseroles. used to enjoy making cakes but since I rarely eat cake anymore I've fallen out of the habit. Still like to make oatmeal coco-chip cookies.